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            Carton packaging and product quality is as important as
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            Today's society with the economic development, the product carton packaging more and more attention, like a garment a goods packed in cartons also pay attention to design, pay attention to the degree of creative, beautiful and personalized. All dazzling color box and carton packaging into the mall to an array of goods, to attract the attention of consumers.
            The saying goes, "clothes make the man, the United States rely on Liangzhuang goods also need to look good carton packaging to set off the packaging, you can say the same importance to the quality of the goods and the quality of the product packaging cartons, good product should start with the packaging.
              Carton packaging with clothing and art design, pay attention to personalized, aesthetics, creative degree. All kinds of product developers are also product packaging foot up and down the martial arts, specifically designer to design the packaging of the product are listed on the product, from the first will be able to seize the attention of consumers, stimulate the desire to buy. Packaging design services for consumers, from consumers preferences point of view is the basic starting point of the packaging design. Therefore, changes in consumption patterns have a significant impact on the carton packaging design.

            The rapid development of science and technology information today, living and consumption patterns have undergone great changes. From the 20th century, the development of packaging, like POP-packaging, portable packaging, cans, pressure spray packaging, vacuum packaging and other forms of thrown, and both are the result of consumer demand.
            Whether we buy what kind of products, first of all to see, not the product itself, but the product carton. Shows that the packaging design quality plays a vital role in product sales. Human history can be traced to plastic packaging to ancient times. From ancient primitive society, agrarian age, to science and technology is very developed modern society, packed with the emergence of human evolution, commodity production development and scientific and technological progress and development, and a second major breakthrough occurred.

            Package to stimulate consumption, play a role in promoting product sales. The following points summarize some role carton packaging:

            ① commodity value and use value, and as a means to increase the value of the goods;

            Protection of goods from the sun, wind, rain, dust contaminated by natural factors such as the invasion, to prevent evaporation, leakage, melt, stain, collision, extrusion, loss and - loss;

            (3) to the circulation storage, transportation, transfer, sell bring convenient, such as loading and unloading, inventory, palletizing, shipping, receiving, transfer, sales count;

            (4) landscaping products to attract customers to help promote.

            (5) metaphor person or thing on the image of the dress, landscaping, more attractive or commercial value
            Course, carton packaging is not just confined to the beautiful personalized look good at these levels, but also to get closer to the practicality of the end consumer, including transport to carry the details determine success or failure, the more humane carton packaging more attractive to consumers and by consumers.

            The natural functions of packaging - material function or utility function

            A. protection: protection products, shape, quality, performance, protect the safety of consumers using the product

            B. convenient features: easy to open use, open the package will be able to immediately consumer products

            easy transportation and handling

            (b) to facilitate the production and processing, flow, loading, sealing, labeling, stacking

            c convenient warehousing of goods, merchandise information to identify

            d convenient displayed on store shelves and sales

            e convenient for consumers to carry on, to facilitate consumer applications.

            f to facilitate the separation and recovery of packaging waste processing

            2. The social functions of the package - also known as mental function or aesthetic

            A. help sales function

            B. Adoption of the packaging captions, and guide consumers to consumer products

            C. Adoption of the packaging reflects the cultural taste of the particular commodity, gives a feeling of pleasure, to create value-added

            D. Adoption of carton packaging reflects the brand reputation and a national and regional political, economic, cultural and artistic landscape

            Today, the Internet age has been declared the advent of the Internet to people living with mining greatly facilitate online transactions, online shopping and other new patterns of consumption slowly accepted by more and more people. Followed by the popularity of the network and the improvement of hardware technology, carton packaging design attendant will also face greater change.

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