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            The color of the product packaging skills
            发布日期|:2013/4/12    发布者:admin    点击次数|:722 

            Gift now pay attention to the outer carton packaging is nothing new, beautiful or unique packaging, may be of concern to people things. In carton packaging design is particularly, to make a difference, we must first accurately grasp the skills in color.

            Color techniques should be from the following few things to note: First, color and packaging with care relationship; colors and color contrast between. These two points are the key to the use of color.

            Then, as the relationship of color and packaging with care the we talk about it? Mainly through inner packaging materials the external carton packaging color can reveal or shine. That a person see the packaging or sticker will be able to basically perceive or think of what inner packaging. If we can a look to the goods He walked into the store, many goods can not embody the care of this relationship. So that the consumer can not be outside to the inside what to think of packaged goods. Of course, it can not play a positive role in the promotion of sales of products. The normal extrinsic carton packaging color should grasp so that the same characteristic is different degree.

            Say that the relationship of color and color contrast. This is the easiest performance of many commodities carton packaging but very difficult to grasp things. By experts in the design, packaging effect is that you can become an overnight success, and vice versa may be self-defeating. Carton packaging design, this contrast is very obvious, and very common. The so-called contrast, generally have the following contrast: color shades contrast, the severity of the contrast of color, the color of sophistication contrast, color contrasts, etc., are very particular about the inexperienced designers It is difficult in a short period of time to find out, it is necessary to exercise a long time to deal with the color identified known.

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